Record Playing

Prudential Publishing is the newest division of Prudential Music Group. Prudential Publishing focus’s on building a catalog of songs from many talented songwriters and producers to offer to artists, bands or sync placement in TV, Video Games and Films.

Mechanical License

Obtain a mechanical license for licensing of audio only–songs for a recorded medium (a CD compilation or deluxe digital edition/re-issue package, etc.).

Production Development

Over the years, PMG have worked with many world renown producers and recording studios. We offer up and coming songwriters the opportunity to develop and demo with producers and publish their songs though Prudential Publishing.

Use Song in TV/Film

We grant only synchronization rights to use the underlying musical composition. If you intend to use a specific recording by an artist, you must also get permission from the owner of the master recording; unless master recordings is owned by any label affiliated with PMG. 



Thanks for submitting!

We appreciate your interested in using Prudential music in your project. When inquiring about Licensing, please be sure to include the following information in your message. 

  • Name of project

  • Licenser details

  • Overall production budget

  • Music budget

  • Term years of request

  • Territories

  • Media format

  • Length of use / Duration

  • Description of use

  • Synopsis

  • Performer

  • Song title

  • Writer

  • Publisher